I believe in starting New Year’s resolutions, or resolutions for any occasion, early.  This year, mine started at Thanksgiving as I realized I couldn’t live with the question, “What if?” any more.  What if I took training seriously? What if I dedicated and focused on those things that made me happy?  It’s a scary thought, but in a way, my resolution was to commit myself to me.

For triathlons, I decided to become a technology geek for my next Ironman, which is a first for me as I’ve had the Larry Bird low-brow attitude of training to this point.  I bought a new bike meant for triathlon and a new heart rate monitor that does everything except wake me up in the morning. (I just haven’t learned how to program that yet).

I also wanted to experience wine in new ways.  What if I could rely on myself to decode a wine list?  What if I picked out bottles for the wine itself, and not the price point or label?

In a way, my resolutions were about independence through new experiences, trials and errors. Hamlet‘s greatest downfall is that he never was able to make a decision, and I recognized that at some point in my life, I would have to make the move from “what if” regarding matters important to me, to one of action.

This week I started training for Ironman #4, and so it made sense that I also begin this blog as an “action” statement in search of those wines that help balance my hectic days.  Stay tuned–first review coming shortly.



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