“Two Hands”-Better than none? 2011 Gnarly Dudes Shiraz, Barossa Valley

Sometimes I need “a little help from my friends.” The Beetles had it right, and with a little help from my sister, I was able to fly into Minnesota for a last minute meeting.

It doesn’t get any better than Spring in Minnesota–like a fine wine, the weather is balanced with the longer days; the air is crisp, but doesn’t border on cold; the sky is blue without the haze of humidity or mosquitoes, and people are just nicer, dontchya know?

Greeting me at home after a nice swim was also a bottle of Shiraz from Barossa Valley my sister had purchased the last time I was on the front.  As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, I love me some reds from Barossa–the heat produces some lovely, and I think, complex, wines that are a great deal.

The Wine:Two Hands” has the nose of a jammy sShirazhiraz–red, baked plum, blackberry notes, and oak–if you get your nose deep down into the glass.  Upon tasting, though, the first subtle note is the sharpness of the alcohol (14.8%) followed by the black fruit notes of blackberry, a little baked plum, and slight pepper and vanilla flavors.  However, the body is medium-light; the flavor only lingers slightly, and the big, bold summer jam in a glass doesn’t come through.  It loses the kaleidoscope of flavors I love in a Barossa Valley wine, and wish this was a little more bold, had more dimensions, and danced a little more on the palette.

But, sometimes as the saying gets tweaked, Two Hands are better than one, and this is the case, especially if given as a gift.  (I believe she was able to get this at Costco).  This is not a wine I would write home about, but good thing I am already here to enjoy it.  Have a glass, or two, especially if it’s around, but don’t miss the workout.


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