A quiet, summer repose: Reposo 2008

Ever have those years that just seem hectic?

Try moving during Ironman season (note: I’ve been off the saddle and on the wagon awhile).  Between driving, interviewing, biking, and getting my heart rate down after being sick, I decided I needed to dive back into a bottle (or 7–just went shopping tonight) and get my groove back on. photo-78

Repos0 2008 is part of the Pago Casa Gran winery in Valencia, Spain.  The wine is an blend of equal parts Gewrztraminer and Moscatel, and while any Andrea-abiding friend knows that sweet isn’t her forte, my spicy chicken curry needed something more soothing than a red wine to bitch-slap that heat. (I’ve had enough mental anguish this year.  I need not more).

The wine has delicately blended flavors of yellow apple, pear, grape, honeysuckle, and something akin to fresh smoke lingering over wet slate–it’s enticing, but the veil is not pulled back to unleash an assault on the senses. It was off-dry, but not sweet and paired nicely with the spice of curry.

A gift from a friend for the wine of the month club, this wine is a great deal at $6.99.  Great. Deal.  I enjoyed the wine, and didn’t want for anything else afterward.  I would give the wine a nice 2-3 solid stars, and yes, am getting up early for tomorrow’s ride.



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