Drink to your health! Vaughn Duffy-Rose and Pinot Noir

“Come, gentlemen, I hope we shall drink down all unkindness.”- William Shakespeare
After a time lapse, I am back.  Travel, school, a detoured summer and the search for health has brought be back to my search for good wine. If you can’t beat them, then join them, and so I join thousands of other Minnesotans who have been forced to stay inside during the winter, and now during the wet, grey and bleak summer (Yes, I am stewing a bit). What better way to drown one’s sorrows, and waiting in doctor’s waiting rooms for hours (yes, today it was the plural version) than opening a bottle (or two) of wine. 
Vaughn Duffy from California is just what the doctor ordered.
The wines: Rose of Pinot Noir, 2013, Sonoma and Pinot Noir, 2012, Russian River Valley.
Hesitantly, I picked up the Rose from Pinot Noir, Sonoma, 2013, and was bracing myself for a tart kickback that I have found in young and undeveloped Roses. The boldness–like that of a well cultivated Pinot Noir–and the fruit forwardness of fresh fruit–cherry– hit my taste buds.  It’s like picking up what you think is McDonald’s, only to find out someone substituted Kobe beef.  At $18.99, I picked up 4 bottles of the new find.  The acid was medium plus, medium plus finish and a really refreshing twist on wine.  If you like the flavor of the red, but the concept of a rose for summer, this is your wine.
Because I had the chance to taste the Rose, I not so hesitantly picked up a bottle of the 2012 Pinot Noir from the Russian River Valley.  Again, it was like Vaughn Duffy bottled articulate cheerleaders in wine–it was bright, zesty with a lot of fruit forward flavors of bing cherry (JUST like the winemaker described), notes of blackberry, vanilla, and a molasses meets cola undercurrent.  It had a great medium-finish (long enough to enjoy; not long enough to coat the tongue).  And my only regret is that I picked up only 1 bottle of this find.  AT $39.99, I would compare this to any Oregon Pinot and buy it any season of the year.
I found these wines at my new TC favorite, Cork Dork (but I might regret this recommendation if they run out before I get a chance to go back.)
Both are great on a hot summer day, or a cold summer day. It’s like a classic pair of shoes–they go with anything.  They especially go with days of long waiting room lines in the doctor’s offices and long periods of frustration due to the weather.
But I digress.