I like wine, and I like riding my bike.  (Not so much the drinking while working out–that’s tough, even for me, but I have done Ragbrai)

What gets in the way is being an adult.  The job, the moves, the appointments, the errands, the family, your relationships–friends, family, coworkers–and sometimes even the breakups.

Being a single girl in a new city is also hard for both the drinking and the working out.  Why? I don’t want to open an entire bottle if I’m not going to drink it all.   I may not want to open an entire bottle because I want to drink it all.  It plays into what I can do–or not do–the next day.

Here’s a little how the daily inner dialogue plays out:

  1. “Open the nice, expensive bottle and just enjoy it, write about it, share it, even if only online.” (I mean, if I’m opening it at home, it’s likely cheaper than going out. And I can chalk it up to learning more about wines, etc).
  2. “Open the cheaper bottle because I’m drinking by myself–and save the nicer stuff to share with people I like.”  I to share really nice wine–it’s an experience. So, I debate which wine I want to open–sometimes its for me; sometimes I want to learn more about wine; sometimes, I just to give the middle finger to the day (and if the latter, I might just opt for the tequila).
  3. If you drink tonight, what will happen to your workout later?”  If I drink during the week, getting up early for the workout is hard.  If I don’t drink during the week, the stress of dealing with all of the above on the list of adult things to do tends to add up.  Also, see single again reference and think of Bridget Jones–is it worth the calories?
  4. “I had a great workout–I feel amazing. What is the perfect thing to drink right now that will keep this day going!”  And then there’s this–LIFE.  Sometimes, I open a bottle of wine, or find the perfect drink because I’ve just had the perfect workout, bike ride, travel experience, or whatever else is awesome.   There is always a right choice and a right way to punctuate an experience–and I always want to have the best day I can. And if possible, share it with someone else.

So hopefully my adventures help you find great rides, great place and/or great wine!





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