Finding Wine Woosah: Non-review post (sort of)

You know moving ranks right up there as one of the top “stressors”, right?

Add being a wine snob to the mix, and having to give up all good wine avenues.  That’s what this move felt like (especially since you can’t go to a Whole Foods on a Sunday for a last-minute wine purchase).  T.Jefferson once said, “The boisterous sea of liberty is never without a wave.”  As one moves freely about the country in pursuit of life, liberty and happiness,  boozelessness proves to be a bit too turbulent at times, donchyaknow?

Tonight I found an awesome store in South Minneapolis.  Elevated.elevated

Located at 4135 Hiawatha Avenue, I was slightly dismayed when I walked in and was greeted with a wall–yes, a WALL, of Pabst Blue Ribbon cans.  This was the store recommended to me by a wine buyer?

Walking through the first aisle, and barely a wine in the $20 range, I knew I was going to be impressed.  These are not bottles of Barefoot or Yellowtail that litter a $3.99 bin, but rather had drama, intrigue and all the darkness of a goth’s angst-ridden teen years one wants to see on a label. (I was obviously walking through the reds.  I left behind the rainbows and ponytails of the whites for now).

$*&^.00 later, I walked out happy.  And with a wine bag that will score me 10% off future purchases.  I already met my maximum amount for the discount, as Chuck and Jim were great–as excited about my wine buys as they are about the upcoming Vikings game.   (Pssst.  I even bought some Minnesota whiskey and beer.  In cans.)

Go.  Now.


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