Lambrusco, the other white grape: Le Grotte’s Dell’Emilia Bianco

DSC_0010“I’ll try anything once”–and–“I rarely read the fine print” are phrases I have used many times to describe my adventurous self.  Right before I get myself into trouble due to the aforementioned attributes.This includes camping, when I should have been hoteling, on a 1000 mile bike ride (the ground is not anyone’s friend); saying yes to the job in Minnesota before the coldest winter ever (more than two months of sub-zero temps); and driving 18 hours to said job the night before I started it after competing in my last Ironman race (there is not enough coffee in the world).

This wine, again, is one of those times. Sadly,  I have tried–and liked–it before.

The wine: Le Grotte’s Dell’Emilia Bianco Lambrusco (Dolce, 8%) purchased at Trader Joe’s for $4.99.

I had thought this wine a steal last year in DC during the final heat wave I seemingly would ever experience.  In 2013, it was light, refreshing, bubbly.


In 2014, it was green-grapey alcoholic, fizzy.  (But the temps started out at 57 degrees this August morning, so there is a slight defense in it’s favor).

Truth be told, I have had worse wines in dive bars, at parties and in my own house.  After a few more sips,  it became palatable, in the way that I start to crave banana-flavored Laffy Taffy when the sugar sets in.  My guess is the recommended pairing should be a nice, hot still summer evening devoid of other wine in the house.

Alfred Lloyd Tennyson sums up my experience with this wine: “‘Tis better to have love and lost than to never have loved at all.”  Arrivederci, sweet Lambrusco.  Arrevederci.

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